Cast of Characters-4

The fourth to be introduced in the cast of characters in “It Can’t Be You” is Pritam , younger child and son of Col. Belliappa and his wife, Dinaz. If the Colonel has a military bearing with a clipped mustache and short hair cut, his son favors scuffed up jeans, long hair tied in a careless pony tail and a wild beard.

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Cast of Characters- 2

This is the second in the series of characters in “It Can’t Be You”. The stunningly beautiful Dinaz Dastur made many heads turn when aged 18 she attended a Ball at the Indian Military Academy, Dehradun. One of the many who was taken in by her beauty that evening was Gentleman Cadet Belliappa. When he first saw her , he had no idea who she was. But he did know one thing! He had to make her his!! He had fallen head over heels in love.

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Cast of Characters-1

Time to introduce to you the main characters of  “It Can’t Be You”. The story centers around one family, the Belliappas of Roseneath Estate in Coorg, which is located in Karnataka in the South of India. The climax of the story is in the year 2000. Lt.Col. K.S.Belliappa, Indian Army (Retd.) is 54 and now a prominent arms dealer.

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