Book Launch Day Is Here

It’s the morning of Nov 29 as I write this. Sitting at my desk where I wrote most of “It Can’t Be You”. The day has come. Some 12 hours from now, if not earlier, my debut novel will be launched at Crossword, Residency Road, Bangalore. My feelings are of excitement ( that a dream is coming true), of anxiety (that things will go off well) and anticipation ( to meet friends and family who will gather to join me in celebrating the event.

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Waiting for the Launch

The excitement is palpable. There are only 4 days to go for the launch of my debut novel “It Can’t Be You”. This is being published by Cedar Books, an imprint of Pustak Mahal, one of India’s largest publishing houses. The book will be released by an old friend,Subroto Bagchi, Vice-Chairman and Gardener of MindTree Ltd, himself an author of repute.

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To Download The Book

Many friends in the US and elsewhere abroad have asked if they can buy copies of “It Can’t Be You” where they live. This is rather unlikely but they can certainly download the book to their Kindle or iPad or whatever they use. Here is the link provided by Pustak Mahal. As you know, Cedar Books, the publishers of the book, is an imprint of Pustak Mahal.