It Could Be You!!

A few flashes from the past yesterday led me to think of trying to capture who might have, if at all, influenced the characters in It Can’t Be You. This is by no means a comprehensive list. It’s more a collection of thoughts as they came by. Here goes…”Reggie” Rege perhaps came from a Col. Rege who I knew in the early 70’s. One of my School friends, an Old Lawrencian served in his Regiment.

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Psychology of the Individual

My thanks go out to Shashank Sinha for his recent review of It Can’t Be You in it’s Facebook Page. He writes with a different slant – on the psychology of the individual- and I would like to share his review here.

Memorable Scenes

We were discussing the book, in a group of friends, when someone asked me a question which I knew would come sooner or later.  “Prem, you wrote the book and you must tell us which was the best scene for you”. This set me thinking. I hadn’t really thought of what might have been the “best scene” for me.

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An unknown facet

Isn’t it a nice feeling when someone you know and respect, compliments you on some facet about you that he perhaps didn’t know about? I had this experience recently. I had worked for Mr. Ashok Soota during the mid-80s when I was responsible for Selection & Training in the old Wipro Infotech. Today, he is a doyen of the Indian IT industry and is the Chairman of MindTree Limited.

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