Review in “In My Bookshelves”

Sakhi Shah has recently reviewed “It Can’t Be You” in her blog “In My Bookshelves“. I thought it was a fair review. I am impressed by young people like her who are fond of books and reading.

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Never Too Old

In a recent conversation, someone said ” I would love to write too. I want to but at my age I can’t think of writing for so long each day. That’s beyond me”. I said “Nonsense! You are never too old to do something. ICBY was published a fortnight after my 59th birthday:)

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Interactions at PES College of Engg

I never miss an opportunity to interact with the youth of India. It was natural then for me to immediately accept an invitation from the Dept of MBA, PES College of Engineering, Bangalore to talk to their students at their Hosur Road campus. They have interactions with people from industry in their series called the Clean Slate Lecture Series. For the first time, they had invited a published author, yours truly!

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Article in Live Mint

As you would probably know, Live Mint ( a part of the Wall Street Journal)  is a popular source of information in India. It offers it’s readers a wide variety of news and views. I was pleased to see that “It Can’t Be You” found mention here in an article “Crime and Reason” by the author Zac O’Yeah. He is the author of the popular novel ” Once Upon A Time In Sacndinavistan”.

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I am pleased to inform you that ICBY is now available at Ring-A-Book. This is an innovative online book service. You can order books by sending an SMS from anywhere in India. You can pay for the book on a Cash on Delivery basis. The About Us page in their website is informative and captures the spirit of this online service with a fresh approach.