Internal & External Conflicts

In every story particularly in the mystery/thriller genre there are bound to be conflicts. It is conflict that drives people to say and do things which make up the story. Being fascinated by human psychology, in this novel I have given additional Continue reading


The Crush of Parental Expectations

Who hasn’t come across the pressures of parental expectations? The expectations of their parents weigh heavily on their children. Some parents want them to become what they were, others want them to become what they were not! Yet others want them to become what they think the child should become. In all this, what is often forgotten or worst still ignored, is what the child wants to become!

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ICBY-An Unconventional Thriller

Is “It Can’t Be You” a whodunit? In which you keep wondering who the killer is. Is it a mystery? With a plot that makes you follow several leads. Is it historical fiction? In that the story spans historic events covering a fair amount of time. Is it a suspense story? In which you don’t know what’s coming next. Is it an action-packed thriller? That keeps you spell-bound and on the edge of your seat.

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